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High Life Tragic Story Of Famous Actress From Super Stardom To Prostitution, Dead Body...

Tragic Story Of Famous Actress From Super Stardom To Prostitution, Dead Body Was Taken To Graveyard Via Handcart

We have come across many tragic life stories of Bollywood actors and actresses who saw an immensely bad phase of their life. Actress Vimi is also one of them. Many reports have claimed that she had worked with veteran actors Sunil Dutt and Shashi Kapoor. She became a prostitute just for buying alcohol to feed her crave. Not only this, in her last time she became so ill that her dead body was taken to the graveyard via a handcart of a tea vendor. 
She was so addicted to alcohol that her liver got damaged completely. She didn’t have enough money for her treatment, this was the reason she got admitted to Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital’s general ward.
On 22nd August 1977, she died in the hospital. But she had nobody to lend a shoulder in carrying her dead body to the graveyard. It is said that only Sunil Dutt from the whole Bollywood industry was reached there in her funeral. She was fond of acting from her childhood days so just after completing her studies she married Kolkata-based businessman Shiv Aggarwal. 
According to the reports, her parents were against her marriage. Vimi became an actress in Bollywood, all credit goes to music director Ravi. he met her at a party in Kolkata where Vimi reached with her husband. Ravi invited both of them to Mumbai. That time Vimi had become a mother of two children. She signed a B.R Chopra film Humraaz and played a lead role in it after reaching Mumbai. In this film, Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt and Mumtaj were in leading roles. 
Humraaz turned out a superhit film and Vimi became a star overnight. She did many big name films after that like Aabroo, Nanak Naam Jahaj Hai and Guddi, etc. As they say, time never remains the same, she suddenly got a setback of flop films consecutively. Lack of money disturbed her to the core. Her husband also divorced her. The unbearable pain of devastating career and personal life broke completely. She went into depression and became alcoholic. And finally, she died. 


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