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Entertainment Vin Diesel's Body Double in Fast and Furious 9 in Coma After...

Vin Diesel’s Body Double in Fast and Furious 9 in Coma After Falling 30 Feet

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Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel is in shock after his body double fell from 30 feet while doing a stunt for his upcoming film Fast and Furious 9. The stunt double immediately had to be airlifted to hospital after the accident that happened in front of Vin Diesel. It is said that the safety cable snapped when he jumped off the balcony and he suffered serious head injuries when he hit the ground below.

Seeing this horrific accident at Warner Bros studio, Leavesden, England, Vin went into shock. The shooting of the film was stopped immediately and the cast and crew were sent home. The whole team is saddened and shocked over what happened.

A source told The Sun, “The stuntman fell at least 30ft maybe a bit more. Vin Diesel was seen on set seconds after. He looked ashen, totally in shock and blinking back tears. He saw what happened.”

The police also reached the sets after the accident and are carrying out enquiries. A source told the police that it all happened while the makers were shooting a high balcony scene. “The stuntman leapt from the balcony attached to a safety wire, but it looks like the cable snapped. He was meant to be left dangling below the balcony via the wire and then lowered slowly to the ground, but he plunged to the ground and landed on his head.”

People on the sets started shouting and screaming after the stunt man hit the floor. It’s horrific and also caught on camera, according to the source.

It is not the first time when the stunt double of Vin Diesel has suffered something horrible. In 2002, Diesel’s stunt double Harry O’ Connor was killed while shooting for a para-sailing scene in the series.

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