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News A Filthy Man Posts 63 Videos Of Touching Women's Backs Without Consent,...

A Filthy Man Posts 63 Videos Of Touching Women’s Backs Without Consent, His Aim is To Reach 100!

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A creepy man belongs to Mumbai named Vinay Nair has been posting horrifying videos of harassing and feeling up women without their consent. He shared the videos and photos of his shameful deeds on social networking site Instagram. He is calling himself a ‘big fan of backless blouse wearing women’.

Till now he has uploaded more than 63 such disgusting videos. In his videos, he can be seen touching women’s backs inappropriately on the streets with hands. He is on a crusade to complete the #100backlessblouses challenge.

He began this creepy challenge in the year 2015 and also has a Facebook page to his credit. His shameful deeds are discovered by a Facebook user, Angad Gummraju, when he stumbled upon his page will searching for blouse designs on the internet. Talking about the same, he wrote,

“I was looking for blouse designs a few days ago, and guess what I found. An account of a man filming himself touching women on the streets, and 1634 people that follow it. A goddamn account of his ‘trophies’, of every time he’s touched a woman’s body against her will. Makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how but can this vile scum be tracked down? Anyone? Please share. Edit: Not sure if reporting’s a good idea anymore.”

After his post started going viral, both his Instagram and Facebook accounts have been suspended.


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