News Vinod Khanna's First Wife Passes Away After 20 Months of His Death

Vinod Khanna’s First Wife Passes Away After 20 Months of His Death

Bollywood actors Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna’s mother and late legendary actor Vinod Khanna’s ex-wife Geetanjali died on December 15. She was 70 years old. According to reports, Geetanjali breathed her last, hours after complaining of uneasiness. 

She was with her elder son Akshaye at their farmhouse in Mandwa, when her health suddenly got down and turned worse. She was rushed to the Alibaug Civil Hospital on Saturday night, where she was declared brought dead. A police official from Mandwa stated that,

“The two sons along with their mother keep visiting their farmhouse in Mandwa. Geetanjali and Akshaye came around 11 on Saturday morning. It was in the afternoon when she complained of uneasiness. She was taken to a local doctor, who prescribed her some medicines.”

After treatment at the hospital, Geetanjali and her son Akshaye returned to the farmhouse. Where the Geetanjali was asked to take rest by her son. After a while, when Akshaye went to check on a sleeping Geetanjali between 9 and 10pm, he found that her body temperature was very low.

Akshaye immediately informed his brother Rahul and immediately took Geetanjali to the civil hospital, where she was declared brought dead. Her funeral took place on Sunday (December 16). Earlier in 2017, in the month of April Vinod Khanna said Good Bye to the world and after almost 20 months of his death his first or ex-wife Geetanjali also left for heavenly abode.

Rest in peace!

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