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High Life Viral Internet Trends Due to Which Many Youngsters Lost Their Life

Viral Internet Trends Due to Which Many Youngsters Lost Their Life

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Like food, water and clothes, nowadays the internet is also a basic necessity. The harsh reality is people hardly bear a day without internet. The Internet has the power to make anyone a star just like that! And this makes it a clear fact of how easy it is to spread anything in the virtual world. In recent times we saw many trends on the internet that became popular worldwide in no time. Many of them were dangerous and life-threatening and was blindly followed by the youth. Today we will tell you about such kind of 10 viral internet trends that took it by storm and ended many lives.


In this game, there were horrific unusual tasks. The hacker caught his pray via circulating a link.

2) Blue Whale

It was literally a suicide game. In this game, teenagers were asked to commit suicide on day 50 of being involved in the game. It was a sinister game in which a huge number of teenagers lost their lives across the globe.

3) The Kiki Challenge

Dancing in pace with a moving car. Although, earlier it looked a fun task after it went viral many youngsters died due to accidents.

4) Pokemon Go

People around the world have gone crazy for the augmented-reality installment in the long-running series, which allows users to catch Pokémon, battle at Gyms, and collect items in the world around them. But Pokémon Go isn’t all fun and games; some players have found injuries, criminals, and even death on their adventures.

5) Planking

The task here was to plank in typical locations. People followed it blindly and found extremely crazy locations. This craze changed the fun task to a life threat.

6) Tombstoning

The fast-growing craze included jumping into water from cliffs, piers and other structures. This perilous pursuit has claimed to take many lives and left many others seriously injured.

7) Lips Challenge

The lip job challenge inspired from Kylie Jenner, left many fans sucked in the shot glasses. Surely not the pumped lips but some medical issues.

8) Extreme Selfies

This was an example of sheer stupidity. People went to extreme locations for the sake of a selfie. Sometimes they got many good photos but many times that were their last photos.

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