What picture does your brain invoke when you hear “traffic cop”? Meet Mr.Kumar, better referred to now as the Chennai SuperCop who keeps an eye on the changing signal at Old Mahabalipuram Road and side by side, he dances in the extreme fascinating style. His cool move moves as he escorts the activity may make Rajnikanth look dull in the examination and his charming persona is certain to put a bliss all over. Here’s the video –

Mr.Kumar has been serving in the activity Police for a long time but the energy for his employment has not darkened even by an ounce. In the video posted by Big Short Films, which has made him a web sensation, the supercop reveals the mystery behind his unbelievable enthusiasm for his occupation. He added –

Everyday at my signal, the people who pass through it should have a safe day – while they go to their offices and return home safely. That’s the prayer with which I start my day. In the field, I consider myself as a teacher who must maintain the attention of the people. To do that, I wear the hand gloves, whistle loud, act dynamic and keep a smiling face at them.

Source – Deccan Chronicle

Commuters going through their hectic schedules are charmed to see Kumar’s contagious smile and peaceable way, who asserts that he has kept up zero-mishap record till date. His story additionally says a lot around a much misjudged and underestimated calling in which various officers are locked in, focused on keeping our streets safe and our lives free from harm.

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Siddhant Sharma

Sid is a social reporter for PagalParrot News and is based in Chandigarh.