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Viral Video: A Robber Returns Money After Finding Woman is Even Poorer Than Him

A video is doing the rounds on the internet for something very unusual. In this video, a robber who tried to rob a woman, returned the money inside an ATM and now his video is getting viral on social media. Unusual in itself, this hilarious incident took place in Beijing, China. A lady who is withdrawing money from the ATM, suddenly attacks by a robber, as one can see in the video.

The name of the woman is Li, hands over to the man the money she had withdrawn. Just after a few seconds, the robber asks for the remaining balance in her account and instead of running away with the stolen money. It surprised the woman that the robber man who is seen wearing a black jacket decides to return the stolen money after analyzing the amount of money she had in her bank account. Maybe he found that her financial status was even poorer than him. Watch the video below:

In the CCTV footage collected from the ATM, the robber seems smiling after returning the money. However, he was later arrested by the police.

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