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VIRAL VIDEO! Firefighter Saves A Lizard’s Life By Performing CPR On It

Shubham Banyal



A firefighter in Australia has been titled as a ‘Hero‘ after he saved a drowning lizard from the swimming pool. The guy performed a CPR as the poor little lizard was unconscious.

little lizard

This incident is from a swimming pool in New South Wales, Australia, where temperatures had reached an intense 34°C.

Video Credit: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon on Facebook

Actually, the off-duty firefighters were asked to help out when this little creature was not breathing after being found ‘unresponsive in a pool skimmer box by some children after failing to scale from the pool’. The firefighters started their work immediately and gave cardiopulmonary compressions to the tiny lizard. This worked and then miraculously ‘Lucky’ the lizard started to breathe on his own.”

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