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Social Media is Trolling Virat-Anushka For a Mistake in Their Wedding Reception Card

There is a proper format of wedding reception card as same as wedding cards. These etiquettes are being followed at the global level. The wedding card of Virat-Anushka’s reception, which is going to be held in Delhi today, is becoming viral on the social media. Hold a second not for what it looks like but for a mistake. However, it is a small mistake for the common people like us! But when you are a public figure one should have to take care!

Famous American writer Meg Keene, who wrote best selling wedding books, has also told about these etiquettes in her book. She has written two best-selling books: A Practical Marriage and A Practical Wedding Planner.

What’s The Mistake?

According to the wedding etiquettes, “request the honor of your presence” is written when marriage is being held in a religious place like a temple, church or mosque. On the other hand, when the reception is being done at some other place, then the “pleasure of your company” is written. Anushka-Virat’s Invitation Card included, “request the honor of your presence”.