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Virat Kohli Is Ranked 83rd Highest Paid Athlete Of World In Forbes

Virat Kohli Is Ranked 83rd Highest Paid Athlete Of World In Forbes


If you are a fan of Virat Kohli, so there’s the good news for you. Virat Kohli is ranked 83rd Highest Paid Athlete with the earning of US 24 million. He is the only athlete from India in Top 100. Apart from this, there is no female athlete in the top 100 highest paid athletes in the world.

Further, Virat Kohli is one of the most famous athletes of the world. This 29 years old handsome young man wins the heart of millions of people with his extensive efforts in cricket or hearts of many girls are stolen by his looks. As he is famous on TV screens he also made a place on social media sites. He has more than 25million followers on Tweeter.

However, this year the Indian national cricket board ‘The Board of Control for Cricket in India’ named Kohli as one of just five players to receive the newly-created A+ contracts, which guarantee an annual retainer of more than USD 1 million, it said.

“Yet like the Indian cricket mega-stars who have come before him, Kohli’s big payday comes off the pitch” where he’s partnered with top brands such as Puma, Pepsi, Audi and Oakley, Forbes said.

However, 41-year-old American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather tops the list with earnings of $285 million. Moreover, Argentine professional footballer, Messi is on the second number with earning of $111 million

followed by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo who is on the third number with earning of $108 million.

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The top 100 has an international flavour with athletes from 22 countries, but Americans dominate the action with 66 making the cut thanks to sky-high salaries in baseball, basketball and football. Those three sports had a combined 72 entries, Forbes said.

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