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Entertainment Virgin Bhanupriya Review: A Lewd Joke With Sex And Virginity

Virgin Bhanupriya Review: A Lewd Joke With Sex And Virginity

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Before talking about Urvashi Rautela’s film Virgin Bhanupriya on Zee5, in the month December of 2011, a film “The Dirty Picture” released which starred Vidya Balan and Naseer Saheb. A dialogue of the film became very popular which was, only three things are sold, ‘Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment’. But now public has changed today due to OTT platforms who sells sex and which being sold out loud. Today, as the taste of public, the producer director feels that the film is a hit if they put sex or nudity in that. But each time sex is not necessary to save audience. According to makers, Virgin Bhanupriya is a comedy film directed by director Ajay Lohan, but its plot has ‘sex’ and story is not something that the audience can laugh on the strength of it’s comedy or sex.

The film’s story revolves around a 20-year-old girl named Bhanupriya, who is desperate to find the prince of her dreams and wants to lose her virginity with him. She takes every step but fails everytime.

Her family’s condition is similar to that of ordinary Indian families where her parents Vijay and Madhu talk incessantly, arguing with each other and getting lost in their own world. Bhanu has a friend Rukul from whom she seeks advice for all things including her relationship, but there are rare occasions when she has got success.

By the end of the film, Bhanu meets Abhimanyu and Bhanu feels that Abhimanyu is the person with whom it would be pleasant to lose virginity. So does Bhanu get the prince of her dreams? Does Bhanu lose her virginity with Abhimanyu? There are many questions, whose answers we will be able to know only after watching the film.

As we have told in the beginning, there is nothing special in this film and it is only and only a waste of time, so these things are directly reflected in the performance of the actors in the film. There were high expectations from Urvashi Rautela in the film, but the reality in which she acted was as much as the salt in the lentils.

It can be said that Urvashi had a big chance through this film, which she lost. At the same time, the other actors of the film, because the script of the film was very weak and spread here and there, so despite being a select artist, the film could not do justice to them and all those people could not do the acting as expected of them.

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