anand-4Five times world champion Vishwanathan Anand played out to his fourth draw, finally signing peace with Dutch chess ace Anish Giri at the sinquefield cup which is a part of the Grand Chess Tour.

Anand managed to secure his position slightly after attaining joint eighth spot instead of joint ninth but the indian chess whiz still has a lot to recover in the remaining rounds for a handsome prize win of 300000 USD.


Anand, has had the black pieces troubling him in this event as he lost the first two games with a bit of an unfavourable colour in the game. However, when it came to the game against Giri, the Indian ace put up a spirited show in the Slav defense and did not look in any troubles at all.

The Dutchman secured a pleasant looking position in the beginning but timely exchanges by Anand kept him at bay and when Anand forced him in to an opposite coloured Bishops endgame the result of the game was never in doubt.