Videos Visual Effect Artist Created An Epic Video Of His Old Car And...

Visual Effect Artist Created An Epic Video Of His Old Car And Now 2 Million People Want It

There is no end to creativity. Likewise, there is no end to the creativity of Visual Effects. You can take these effects to any level. When most of us want to sell our cars we just contact a seller and handover the charge to him. But this man, Eugene Romanovsky decided to sell his cars through his own efforts. So this man made a visual effect video showing all the specifications.

And you will definitely be surprised to see the video as this man took it too far for real. His video has shots from Jurrasic park, Mad Max Fury Road and the best part of the video is how his car escapes the dinosaur without being damaged. This is a superb video and will make you one of those 2 million people who want to buy this car.

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video source: Eugene Romanovsky


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