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High Life Ignoring a White Spot on Skin Can Cost You Physical Appearance, Here...

Ignoring a White Spot on Skin Can Cost You Physical Appearance, Here Are Vitiligo Causes and Its Treatments

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White spots on the skin or the loss of skin colour is known as Vitiligo or Leucoderma in the medical terms. This is a common disease, a part of world’s total population is affected by this disease. This disease usually caused to people having dark skin. It really demolishes the outer appearance of a person.

Vitiligo mostly affects face, neck, wrist or feet. Today, in this article we will reveal its causes, symptoms, and its 8 effective treatments.

Vitiligo Causes

1) In about 30% of people, the reason behind Vitiligo disease is genetic.

2) In some people, it causes because of the UV Rays that come directly from the sun.

3) Stomach bacterias, consecutive improper digestion also causes Vitiligo.

4) Liver problems also cause Vitiligo.

5) Massive sweating is one of the major reasons.

6) Diabetes, Hypothyroid etc diseases cause Vitiligo.

7) The wrong combination of food.

Effective Treatments For Vitiligo At Home

1) Red Soil: Mix two teaspoons of red soil with one teaspoon of ginger juice and apply it on the affected part and massage for 5 minutes.

2) Copper Utensil: Put some water in a copper utensil keep it overnight. drink this water in the morning. Try this everybody, it not only eradicates Vitiligo but also cures many diseases. Along with that eating seeds of watermelon, ginger and other nuts are also effective.

3) Protect yourself from sunlight: On exposure to sunlight, don’t forget to apply a good quality SPF cream, this cream will protect you from sunburns. Apart from that, it will also lessen the growth of white spots.

4) Neem Leaves: Make a half-glass of neem juice and add a teaspoon of honey in it. Mix it well and drink every day.

5) Basil Leaves with Lemon Juice: Tulsi increases the percentage of melanin in the body. take two-three leaves of basil crush them into a paste, mixed it with a one teaspoon lemon juice and apply on the affected area.

6) Turmeric and Mustard Oil: Mix half kg of turmeric (not powder) with 8 liters water keep it overnight. Boil the mixture in the morning and put half kg mustard oil in it. Boil it again when the mixture gets little-solidified leave it for some time and then apply it on the affected area.




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