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VJ Bani Smashes Out! Why Should Anyone Grow A PENIS To Justify Muscular Physique?

Our general public knows no limits with regards to having preferences, passing judgment on somebody, or making assumptions about anything under the sun. VJ Bani, the young lady who implanted a novel level of “swag” while facilitating the MTV “Roadies” broadcast is no more an outsider to the world. Bani has demonstrated that haters are the exact opposite thing that can influence or modify her life in any capacity. She as of late spelled a kickass answer in HT Brunch for each hater out there, making it clear about who is the genuine BOSS here!

Banij MTV Roadies

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For most of the youth out there, body shaming begins at the age when we are partially young or the age when we are able to understand every such shame. Bani adding to her personal experience said that –I have a teenage friend, and I hear her father call her fat, fatso and similar names. He says them with love, but why? Your family is your support system, your first shield against the world, and if they begin to chip at your self-esteem and confidence like this, then who is there to support you?

I was 18, I took part in the reality show MTV Roadies. Criticism from fellow contestants, constant fights.,it was super tough, but I survived. I didn’t just win the competition, but also hosted the next four seasons of Roadies, and launched my career in a big way. But when I decided to really work out at the age of 19 and make my body as strong as possible, the havoc began. No one, neither men, nor women, could get it. Why do you work out so much? Muscles for a woman. why?

Bani fitness

Today, Bani is enjoying the happy space, professionally as well as personally. Her profession is truly different as she is a model, a video jockey and a performing artist. Furthermore, she is getting some motion picture parts that depend on her physique which is undoubtedly astonishing. She is also the brand ambassador for a fitness app and was the only non-athlete to be part of the Nike campaign that has around 12 senior athletes, runners and others who represent the country.

Banij gym

We are happy that we’ve got a lady hulk that is able to showcase the extent of body transformation women too can do. It’s all within us. Not in other people’s minds. So listen to your own self, always.

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