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World TV Channel's Shocking Claim Says Russian President Vladimir Putin Bathes in Deer's Blood...

TV Channel’s Shocking Claim Says Russian President Vladimir Putin Bathes in Deer’s Blood to Boost Sex Power

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Vladimir Putin stays is the strongest world leader. He always stays in news for his fitness. In a shocking claim by a TV channel and this week’s “Only in Russia” news: President Vladimir Putin is reportedly bathing in blood extracted from the severed antlers of maral deer.

A foreign correspondent Alex Rodriguez writes for the Chicago Tribune that,

 “Every summer, farmworkers saw off the antlers of thousands of maral deer a few months before they are naturally shed, boil the antlers in vats and use the murky soup to produce baths and steam treatments treasured by many Russians as a cure for everything from arthritis to impotence.”

But the question is why Vladimir does so?

It’s because it is believed that the blood of deer contains a substance called Pantogematogen, which purportedly has unique curative properties. Scientists at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences support this belief, claiming that research points to Pantogematogen as a potential treatment for numerous afflictions, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, ulcers, impotence and infertility. 

A man is taking blood-bath from maral deers

Putin is one of many Russians who has consumed and bathed in blood from the severed antlers of Siberian red deers. Bathers believe the blood gives them strength and stops the aging process.

As reported, at least five deer had their antlers sawn off to draw a single bath for Putin. The Siberian Times details the horrific procedure:

“In the cutting room is a ‘press,’ which closes in on the stag from each side, while the floor lowers, so the deer is left in suspended animation, its head resting on a ledge, its hooves flailing but unable to touch the ground. The magnificent creature looks around bewildered, its eye suddenly bulging with fright. Four or five men are inside the cutting chamber, cursing loudly with Russian swear words, a process evidently used to intimidate the animal into submission.”

From there, the antlers are amputated with an electric saw. By all accounts, this is an extraordinarily painful experience.

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