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News Vyapam Scam: Attacked 14 Times, Gets No Security

Vyapam Scam: Attacked 14 Times, Gets No Security

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Ashish Chaturvedi is one of the several whistleblowers of the Vyapam Scam of Madhya Pradesh. He has said that he has received threats from the people involved in the scandal and has demanded proper security.

Local Input~ Ashish Chaturvedi is a whistleblower in one of the largest corruption investigation in central India -- a murky, multimillion dollar corruption racket, which involved rampant rigging of tests for medical schools and government jobs. The accused and witnesses are dying mysteriously, baffling investigators. Chaturvedi has been attacked 14 times and here is seen with the court-assigned police constable. Illustrates INDIA-SCANDAL, (category i) by Rama Lakshmi (c) 2015 The Washington Post. Moved Sunday, July 5, 2015. (MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Rama Lakshmi)
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He exposed the scam in 2010 and since then there have been 14 attempts to kill or kidnap him. he had filed a petition in the Supreme Court in the Dental and Medical Admission Test scam. On his demands for adequate security, he was provided a new cycle and a personal security officer that follows him around on another cycle. Due to this the security office is not able to protect him properly.

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The whistle-blower said his PSO had recently overheard a conversation at a food joint where someone said if he (Chaturvedi) appears in the court as a witness against the accused, they will “cut him to pieces”. Despite raising many concerns regarding his security, no step has been taken by the officials.
Many people who were accused or witnesses of the scam have died so far.

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