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Wake-up internet lovers. In-Flight WiFi in India!




It is a good news for mobile lovers of India that in-flight internet is allowed in our country. On 1st May 2018, the country’s Telecom Commission cleared a proposal for passengers to make mobile internet calls and use data mid-air. It is going to start approximately in 4 months.


Basically, In-Flight connectivity systems primarily use two kinds systems i.e. ATG, KU and KA. India is the only country, besides North Korea, to bar in-flight data so far. India will finally let passengers use their phones on flights. As far as mobile calls are concerned, technology and laws allow them but many airlines do not want noisy cabins. It will depend on the airlines in which the passengers are flying in.

On the other side, we cannot say that the cost of using the in-flight internet is affordable to all. Because it is not cheap globally. It will be expensive for middle-class people and takes approximately Rs.350/100mb. Further, Indian airlines still don’t have that technology to offer internet service in flights. So, the foreign services who already have that technology can make a profit from this. Indian airlines can face some loss due to lack of technology and high-cost of installing this technology. This achievement of Indian airlines have both pros and cons.