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News Technology Wanna See Mad Max Fury Inspired Insane Cars In Real Life?

Wanna See Mad Max Fury Inspired Insane Cars In Real Life?

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The movie Mad Max Fury Road gain much popularity due to its innovative badass car designs. The main reason for the popularity of the vehicles in the movie is that 80% of the movie had these cars running in the desert. These vehicles gave us a wild and insane look and the edgy design was superb.

Wanna See Mad Max Fury Inspired Insane Cars In Real Life?
source: car and driver

This edgy insane inspiration was enough for a California-based director to do something insane for his kids. He transformed his kids’ vehicles into Mad Max Fury Vehicles. Take a look:

Ian Pfaff, a California-based director started with a simple toy car as its base model.

This is how he started working to give it a mad max fury edge.

Though these edgy and rusty vehicles are an inspiration from the movie but the hard work he did put in is worth the praise.

His efforts were accompanied by his wife, who made the kids “Mad Max Fury Costumes” to help them get into the look.

Kids surely must have been proud seeing rising these furious cars and why shouldn’t they be? Their father had put so much effort to give them the most incredible and unique design.

Even the kids are enjoying the rides on these dangerous looking vehicles.

He also made the best use of old toys by making them the part of the dangerous edgy vehicles.

What an incredible use of a chain to give an edgy look to the starring wheel!

He probably seems happy and contented because he is riding one of a kind vehicle. While the children of his age are riding those basic toy vehicles. Inspiration is enough to blend an idea into reality. Let’s hope even you will get inspired and do something edgy like this.


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