Bigg Boss 14: Gauhar Khan’s Reply On Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

Gauhar Khan comes out in support of Jaan Kumar Sanu over Rahul Vaidya's nepotism remark on him. Read to know what she said.
High Life Want To BE A Millionaire? Follow These 10 Golden Rules

Want To BE A Millionaire? Follow These 10 Golden Rules

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Let’s accept the fact that everybody has at least once thought of becoming a millionaire. Some of us even dream each day to become a millionaire. But why do we end up putting aside this dream? Every millionaire is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You just can’t rely on inherited money to be a millionaire. Millionaires don’t wait for miracles to happen.






Want To BE A Millionaire? Follow These 10 Golden Rules
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  1. INVESTMENT NEEDS SAVING: learn to save money as money will only help you make further money. Start saving money to make sure when you are about to take a big step financial crisis isn’t a problem. Low savings can definitely hinder in your Millionaire dream. So start saving money from today. Start from small denominations because EVEN A SMALL DROP IS THE PART OF AN OCEAN.
  2. FIND THE RIGHT PLACE TO INVEST MONEY: Saving money is just a minor step. Knowing exactly where to invest your money so that it multiplies. With a single wrong decision can end up being under the heavy load of debt. So sufficient amount of research and analysis is needed from your side to come to this very important decision. So, don’t hurry to come to a conclusion cause HURRY SPOILS CURRY.
  3. DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Don’t invest all your saved money in the same place. Think of different places to invest your money because you can end up losing all of your money. Diversify in the investment approach cause there are different factors that multiply your money. And even one factor can a debt holder.
  4. PRETEND TO BE THE REAL YOU: Generally people try to act like they are rich and resourceful when they are not. Don’t try to impress other people just try and save money. There is a long way to go to be a millionaire. If you really want to show off then do it when you are a millionaire. And I am sure you will never show off when you will have so much.
  5. SELF-KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEST KNOWLEDGE: You can be anything and everything, the only thing stopping you is your thought. To be a millionaire you need to have enough knowledge about what you are diving into. Stop blaming circumstances and just try to get all resources possible.
  6. CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT MONEY: Money is not an impossible thing. Impossible is just a thought that actually makes it impossible. Your thoughts are responsible for both positive and negative impacts. So, stay positive about money and it will soon be yours.
  7. SET GOALS AND TARGET: Setting goals and working according to them is necessary. First, it is important because goals and targets are a road map to our destination (being a millionaire). Secondly, achieving one target gives you the confidence to move towards the second with enough zeal.
  8. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: People around you are always responsible for setting an environment. Different people have a different perspective towards the same thing. Hanging out with successful people gives you live examples to follow. You are always motivated towards further growth with a positive approach.
  9. VISUALISE YOURSELF HEALTHY AND RICH: THOUGHTS HAVE THE POWER TO TURN INTO REALITY so, invest your thoughts wisely. Start visualizing yourself as a millionaire. Only working hard without the whole visualization in mind is like watching a black and white movie. Start visualizing because  Law Of Attraction work wonders.
  10. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER: Age is definitely a number and putting yourself into a box is really bad for your growth. ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. So, start it right now no matter what age group you fall under. Just start working.

Want To BE A Millionaire? Follow These 10 Golden Rules
source: self inspiration

So, what are you waiting for? Just start visualizing yourself as a millionaire and surround yourself with successful people. ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START and WHAT YOU THINK YOU BECOME. So, go get yourself a millionaire plan and start working according to it.

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