Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide in Mumbai

Anupama Pathak has allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Dahisar Mumbai. The 40-year-old actress reportedly committed suicide.

Want To Marry Your Boyfriend? Know The Signs That He Is Marriage Material Or Not

1)He Calms You Down

You feel all right, protected or safe near him. Moreover, when you are angry or tensed for something you just have a bear hug from him and forget everything you were thinking about.

2)Your Eyes Light Up When You See Him

Yeah! this is one of the most common things that happen when you someone truly. Mostly, we become happy to see people who give us happiness or we can hav4e with whom. So, this is the sign that he makes you happy and ultimately you become happy to see him.

3)You Do Certain Things With Him

Yes! if you both have fun together, enjoy the moments together or do all the silly things which you can’t do with anybody else.

4)You Can Admit Your Mistakes More Easily

Actually, if you are in love with someone your ego does not come in between. You just commit your mistakes easily and just want to be with him again.

5)He Knows What You Like

This is really interesting if someone knows our likes and dislikes  it makes us happy. Because we get to know that we are important to that person and our likes and dislikes too matters for him.

6)You Have Fun With Him

Yeah! as I mentioned earlier that having we can have fun with certain and special people. If you both like to have fun with each other, it means that you are special to each other.

7)You Want To Do Nice Things For Him

As some girls are lazy or some don’t know cooking but we love to make special dishes for him. Moreover, we love to know his favourite dishes and try to make him happy by making it with our hands.

8)Losing Him Is Unimaginable

Actually, we should marry a person whom we can’t live without rather than marrying a person with whom we can live. So, if you afraid to lose him and you don’t want to live without him and most importantly if you can’t live without him so these are the signs that you love him. But there should be same feelings from both the sides.

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