The most exubereant and delightful time in India starts from October and lasts all the way till December. Starting from Ganesh Chaturthi till New Year’s Eve whole of India remains abuzz with activities and excitement. But while its the time for Hapinness to prevail we clearly miss out on something which is more fundamental and important. Celebrating a festival in its true sense is spreading happiness and extending hand of friendship and togetherness. In the cold chilly winter season here are some Warm Selfless ways to celebrate this festive season.

1. Celebrate it with Friends and Family.


And spread smiles and love whosoever you meet be it friends or relatives.

2. Be a Volunteer.


Some moments in life can help you discover the true meaning of happiness in giving. And such moments come from Volunteering.

3. Donate Clothes and Toys to Kids.


Winters are coming and what better way to spread warmth by giving away some warm clothes for kids to wear who sleep under the stars.

4. Cook a meal for others.


Where we eat three square meals every day it would actually be a great thing to just share one meal with those sleep with empty stomachs at night.

5. Don’t throw away waste in streets.


While it is a festival we must also act responsibly by not littering and throwing waste out in the streets.

6. Visit Orphanages and Old Age Homes.



Why not visit orphanages and old homes for a change to see smiles on the pretty faces and meet the elderly for blessings?

7. Donate Blood. Save Lives.


Did you know? By donating blood once, you save upto 3 lives! Why not try it this time?

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