Watch 8 Lions Walking In The Streets Of Gujarat : Locals Terrified

Watch 8 Lions Walking In The Streets Of Gujarat : Locals Terrified

A group of majestic eight Asiatic lions were spotted wandering in the Junagadh city of Gujarat earlier this week, giving locals a shock.

In a video captured by a local resident, which has now gone viral, a group of majestic Asiatic lions are seemingly enjoying a late-night prowl in Junagadh.

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Junagadh is located in close proximity to the Gir national park, which is home to over 500 Asiatic lions. As reported by locals, once in a week, couple of lion wander into the city , but this is the first time such a large group has infiltrated the area.

Gujarat lions

Three people were killed by lions in the same area between March and May this year. A woman was also killed in the Gir Somnath district, known for its Asiatic lion population. In a separate incident, a man was severely injured by three lions in the Amreli, near Gir.

This raise alarms for the residents and the forest department and the government need to find solutions fast so that no lives fall in danger.

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