The major Miss Universe 2015 Goof up by the Host Steve Harvey created a lot of uproar on the social media. The goof up inviolved Steve Harvey messing up the names on the card, announcing Miss Columbia as the winner of Miss Universe 2015 when Miss Phillipines was the actual winner.

Even though Steve Harvey sincerely apologised for his horrible mistake but as a result of this blunder, the world is empathising with Miss Columbia and although congratulating Miss Philippines, she was somewherestolen of her original share of space.

While it was absolutely genuine and understandable to pacify Miss Columbia, but was it just as correct not to address Miss Philippines’ victory?

Because this is what it shows in this video, which captures all the contestants cheering and rooting for Miss Columbia and completely ignoring Miss Philippines after her much deserved win.

While many people were empathising with Miss Columbia, the contestants on the other hand took it real far with their unclassy behaviour,as most of the contestants didn’t even greet or congratulate Miss Philippines after she was announced the winner. She didn’t even get to take her first walk as Miss Universe and people are claiming that she stole the crown? Really? WTF!

They really shouldve acted mature in such a situations and struck a balance. Isn’t that whats expected of each of the Miss universe contestants?

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