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Watch Sakshi And Ajitesh’s First Exclusive Interview Publicly

Watch Sakshi And Ajitesh’s First Exclusive Interview Publicly


The daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra from Bareilly, Sakshi caught all the media attention when she revealed that she got married to a Dalit boy Ajitesh Kumar and now their lives are in danger as her father is threatening them. Both of them appeared in the Allahabad High Court on Monday for their security demands.

During the hearing, the High Court ordered to give security to Ajitesh and Sakshi. Meanwhile, Ajitesh’s lawyer says that some people have attacked Ajitesh in the High Court premises, although the police refusing it.

BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi had reached Aajtak’s studio on Friday with her husband Ajitesh Kumar. Meanwhile, Aaj Tak made Sakshi to talk with her father MLA Rajesh Mishra. While talking to her father, Sakshi asked her father to forgive her. To which MLA Rajesh Mishra said, “Stay happily wherever you live, I gave my statement yesterday. Let my family live in peace.”

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Watch Sakshi’s first interview on national television below:

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