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Watch SRK And Kajol React Adorably To Scenes From Their Old Movies

SRK And Kajol or together we can call them as SRKajol! Doesn’t it sound perfectly cute and amazingly adorable? Wait till you’ve seen them reacting to the scenes from their old movies.

The most lovable on-screen couple that is our very beloved King Khan and obviously Queen Kajol were interviewed for a show to be aired on BBC which is hosted by Haroon Rashid. And that is where Shahrukh and Kajol spend some candid moments together going through some memorable scenes from their previous movies and their reactions were just downright Adorable!

Watch them Having All the Fun Right Here!

and as always you can the glimpse of the Witty SRK that he never ceases to be with replies like “I was the coolest and I am the coolest and you know the drill!” We love them both!

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