Watch : Tiger Drags Women To Death As She Came Out Of...

Watch : Tiger Drags Women To Death As She Came Out Of Her Car At Chinese Wildlife Park

Tigers at a Chinese wildlife park have mauled a woman to death while badly injuring one of her companion when they steeped out of their car.

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Tigers at the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World pounced on one of the woman when she steeped out of her private car.

Another woman tried to help her but was badly injured when she was attacked by another tiger, local media reported on Sunday.

Video of the incident suggested park rangers in a vehicle were on the scene within seconds, but they were unable to save the woman. The local Yanqing district government has confirmed the tiger attack, saying the injured woman is being treated for her injuries.

Visitors are allowed to drive in their private vehicles in the wildlife park but are not allowed to step outside.

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