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News Technology KFC's 'WATT A BOX'- Will Feed Your Stomach And Also Your Mobile

KFC’s ‘WATT A BOX’- Will Feed Your Stomach And Also Your Mobile

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Well what do you do at a friend’s party? Attend the party, get some pictures clicked and wait to post it when you reach home because clicking too many selfies drained your mobile’s battery! Yes, The most loved chicken outlet has launched KFC’s ‘WATT A BOX’.


No worries! KFC comes with a solution to this problem! KFC introduces first of its kind meal box, smartly named as “Watt a Box”. The 5-in-1 meal box not only offers you the mouth-watering dishes but also comes with a USB port to charge up your mobiles.

Though a very smart and good initiative taken by the company to woo the foodies as well as the techies, but still, not that efficient at charging the mobile. An iPhone when put on charge, reached only 17% after it was left to charge for over half an hour. The power bank completely got drained of its juice and ability to charge after this half an hour. But still our generation has got all the skills and apps to make this 17% last lifelong.


In India, this ‘Watt a Box’ is only available in company outlets of Delhi and Mumbai. Maybe with a good response, the company decides to spread it all over the India. Last year in Canada, the chicken chain released a photo printer that was built inside its signature bucket of grease-stained fried chicken.

This move, wisely initiated by the company, will certainly help them attract youth an tech-savy consumers, who find it impossible to breathe, once the battery of the phone dies.

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