High Life Beauty Waxing Tricks Every Girl Should Know About

Waxing Tricks Every Girl Should Know About

Every month every girl have to through three tortures…( Eyebrows, waxing and periods ) in order to be fit and well groomed.  If you do decide to get rid of the hair, you only have a few options,  shaving, and waxing. Waxing is great because it leaves you smoother for longer and gets rid of more hair. The only disadvantage of waxing? It freakin’ hurts!!!

Before Waxing Take A Pain Reliever


If you feel too much pain then take the pain reliever thirty minutes before doing wax to minimize the pain.

Exfoliate Your Skin First


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Exfoliating your skin first will help you get rid of the dead skin which is the main reason your hair are literally trapped. And you  cannot wax properly.

Let Your Hair Grow To At Least An Inch Before Waxing


If your hair is shorter than an inch then why give yourself pain…? Let your hair grow atleast above an inch than wax.

Once You Decide To  Wax, Never Ever Shave


Shabing hair makes it grow dense. Once you wax you ahve to commit yoursel fo waxing! once you start wax then your hair will start grow thick which will make it grow less dense.

Steer clear of any topical treatment with fragrance or alcohol for at least 24 hours post-wax

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Fragranced products contain alcohol, which can dry out and irritate your skin and even make it peel.

Never get waxed right before or during your period

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You’re super sensitive from about five days before through till the end of your period. Avoid any and all waxing at this time if possible. After your period you’ll be fine – in fact, a woman’s pain tolerance is highest about three to four days after her period.

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