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10 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online In India

Cost of living is spiraling upwards in India despite various steps taken by the government to keep prices of essentials under control.

Indians also tend to spend more on buying all sorts of high-value goods despite limited incomes. The trend of buying everything from expensive smart-phones and designer garments to homes in installments causes debt burden on already stretched salaries.

There is also another scenario in this country where people do not wish to take long commutes between home and office. Hence, they look for jobs that can be easily performed from home.

Thanks to the widespread proliferation of the Internet, it is now possible to augment your regular income by working online and performing some easy tasks.

Additionally, the Internet also opens vistas for Indians who wish to make a living by earning money online. Here we take a glimpse of 10 simple ways to earn money online in India.

Earning Money Online in India

To earn money online in India, you will require some basic qualifications. These include good computer skills and high typing speeds. Further, you will require a computer and reliable, high-speed Internet connection. The Internet is that powerful a medium to make money from and the best part there are millions of people who are earning money online in India without investment from the Internet just by doing simple online Jobs.

However, If you’re looking for rational ways, you can start earning money online now.

As the Internet continues to evolve, opportunities to earn supplementary and full-time online income will grow. Should you possess these, here are 10 simple ways to earn money online in India that won’t require a lot of time or cut into your regular routine.

1) Data Entry

This is the most common online job available in India. Generally, these are work-from-home jobs and given by agencies that provide data entry services to large organizations.

You will receive raw data from the employer daily. Your task is to fill in relevant details in the format provided by the employer.

The job can be done fulltime or during spare hours, depending on the employer.

2) Medical Transcriptions

India has a huge, booming healthcare industry. Consequently, a great demand for medical transcriptions exists in the country.

Several agencies have mushroomed across India that provides medical transcription services to large hospitals and other medical facilities.

Online medical transcriptionist jobs can be easily found in India. Due to the high cost of office premises, most agencies allow you to work from home.

3) Website Design

Setting up a website in India is fairly inexpensive. A basic website, including domain name, hosting and other essentials can be set up for as low as Rs. 7,500 only.

Hence a lot of small businesses and individuals opt to mark a presence online with their own website.

You can offer website designing services provided you have adequate knowledge of the field. It is a fairly simple job since design templates and other essentials are easily available online.

4) Indian Railways Ticketing Agent

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the world’s fourth largest railway network.

To ensure that travelers can buy train tickets easily, IRCTC now gives licenses to individuals who wish to provide booking and reservation service.

However, IRCTC charges an annual fee of Rs. 15,000 for a license. Agents usually charge Rs.50 to Rs. 100 for every ticket they book. This is an excellent way to make money online by providing a service authorized by the Indian government.

5) Online Translations

Online translations are an excellent way to profit from the Make in India initiative launched by the Indian government. Scores of foreign companies are opening businesses in India.

They require people who can translate various documents such as notices, job contracts, legal papers and myriad other stuff into English and in various Indian languages.

Additionally, they also require people who can translate in real-time during online video conferences with their Indian employees and trade associates.

Online translations are becoming a very lucrative business in India nowadays.

6) Online Tutor

It is common knowledge that Indians lay heavy emphasis on higher education. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online courses that train people in a variety of courses, from prestigious MBAs to simple technical know-how.

If you possess the required skills, you can offer online coaching to students. There are two ways you can earn money online in India as an online tutor. You can work for an educational institute that offers online courses and work from home or open your own coaching center offering virtual classroom training.

7) Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is an excellent way to make money online provided you go about it in a very meticulous manner.

You can register as MLM associate with top foreign companies that are operating in India. This may require some investment.

However, you can pitch your products for sale using free online platforms including Facebook Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

MLM business depends on your social network and hence works very well with Facebook and Facebook Business. You can also attract customers to a LinkedIn profile.

8) Stock Pictures

India ranks among the topmost tourist destinations in the world. Further, Make in India initiative is attracting foreign investors to this country.

As a result, advertising firms, public relations agencies, news networks and various other organizations look for excellent off-beat and rare pictures of various things in India.

Should you possess excellent photographic skills, you can earn money online in India by selling pictures through various stock photo platforms like Shutterstock and Pexels among others.

9) Social Media Manager

Facebook and social media aficionados can turn their hobby into a great source of income by working as social media manager from home.

India ranks as the topmost user of Facebook, with over 250 million registered members. Hence, businesses of all sorts try and target customers through this free platform.

As social media manager, you have to create and post interesting content on behalf of your employer.

The job also involves responding to comments and controlling damage should anyone make adverse remarks on the Facebook page of your employer.

10) Online Store

It is very easy to open an online store in India nowadays. However, you need to identify a niche market and offer products that are rare in your area.

The online store is an excellent way for women to earn money online in India. They can prepare cakes and bakes, jams, sauces, pickles and other food products that stand above the mass-produced varieties.

India is a huge market for home-made foodstuff. You can either open an e-commerce website or sell through a free Facebook Business page and other social media platforms.

In Conclusion

It is very simple to earn money online in India. We reiterate that you require certain skills to make sufficient money.

There are other ways to make money online such as completing paid online surveys, writing product reviews and testing computer games.

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