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High Life Here Are The Places Your Girlfriend Wants Kiss On This Kiss Day

Here Are The Places Your Girlfriend Wants Kiss On This Kiss Day

The Valentine week has began and it includes kiss day which falls a day before Valentine’s Day on 13 February. You might be wondering what to do on that day. So no need to get panic we are here for you to help you.

Here are some places other than lips you can kiss at to make her day:

1. On the neck

The neck is one of the sensitive part of the body and kissing on it may turn your girl ON and send her shivers in the whole body. Gently kissing girls on neck may fuel them with energy.


2. Nape of the neck

kiss on back of neck

Kissing gently on the back of neck may prove your love more towards her and turn her ON too. This way you may shower her with all her desires.


3. Forehead

ways to kiss a girl

Gentle kiss on forehead may show her how much you care for her and how you are emotionally attached to her. This may make her feel special.


4. Ears

kiss on ears of girls

Tickling on ears and kissing gently will give her immense pleasure. This may turn out a sweet way to pleasure her and turn her ON.


5. Hips

gentle rub and kiss on hips

As it is one of the most sensitive areas of body, rubbing gently and kissing can make her feel really pleasured.


6. Breasts

kiss on breasts

This would be the most sensual way to pleasure her. Rubbing, Kissing and massaging will stimulate her. You can start from the neck and slowly reach down.

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