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“We are Sorry for the Hapur Incident ” Tweeted UP Police After Photo Went Viral On Social Media




In Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh, Mob lynched a Muslim man named Qasim and other is injured named  Shamiuddin. Qasim was 45 years old. It was all happened because of the rumours of cow slaughtering. A mob gathered at a farm after an announcement was made at a local place of worship in Bajhera Khurd that smugglers were stealing cows and slaughtering them, The Hindu reported.

But some reported that it has happened because of road rage as their bike hit some people. Afterwards when police went to spot Qasim was injured badly. According to UP Police, there was no ambulance and Qasim was taken to the hospital. But the photo went viral on social media as people were dragging Qasim as a piece of soulless object in the presence of police.

After people’s reaction to the photo, UP police felt sorry.