High Life We Fell In Love With DDLJ & Now We’ve Become Befikre. So...

We Fell In Love With DDLJ & Now We’ve Become Befikre. So Where The Hell Has Love Gone?

If I put up my personal experience, when I was in my late chilhood times, When I walked out in the wake of watching Raj and Simran go from ‘bade desh’ to ‘Punjab ke khet’ as they met, fell in love and finally got the stamp of approval from Bauji in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, I thought this was what genuine romance was about. What’s more, now, as a grown up boy and not really innocent grown-up, after I watched the trailer of Aditya Chopra’s Befikre, I’m literally bewildered. Is this what love is in today’s times?

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For a man who instructed a whole country, and the man who taught everyone what love is all about, Aditya Chopra has surely progressed significantly. Simran was a virginal dreamer who dreamt for her prince charming to come and sweep her off her feet. Shyra, on the other hand, has just had a breakup and isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s totally up for casual sex though! Time changes and so do Aditya Chopra’s sentiments..

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This new era of today likes to set aside its own opportunity to make sense of things. It goes truly ease back with regards to matters of the heart yet is quick paced with regards to getting into bed with somebody. It’s about the pointless fooling around and honestly more energy to them. Who’s to judge what two consenting grown-ups do, isn’t that so? This shift in attitude in Aditya Chopra’s heroines is a reflection of not just a change in cinema but also a change in generations. Here’s much more to come? What do you feel about the same? Do not hesitate to tell us your views in the comment section below!

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