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Wedding Day Approaching: Few Tips to Get a Perfect Look on Your Special Day

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Wedding day is one of the special days in a girl’s life. That is a day when a girl holds up so many desires and hopes. Especially the perfect look is something that every girl wish. Every girl wish to look like a princess on her special day or wedding day. So if your wedding day is also just a few weeks later, here are a few tips to follow to get your skin ready to shine.

There are many products and articles which guides you that how you can prepare yourself for your special day. But don’t be nervous or in a hurry, just relax and calm your body and skin. Happier you will be, more glowing your skin will be. So being happy is the only key to look good. But let us also tell you to do right with the makeup.

As winters are approaching so surely your skin will get dry, so to avoid that moisturize your skin effectively. Keep it hydrated and healthy with good moisturizer. Try to have the right diet, with proper nutrients. Do not eat very spicy or oily food. Keep your diet balanced and adequate.

How to prepare your skin?

This is the first thing you need to pay attention to. So here you start with the right moisturizer and primer. Make sure your skin is enough hydrating and healthy to take up all those products on the face. Never overlook the quality of the primer, because it provides the right base to your make up. And with the right base you can get that perfect look throughout the event.

Now comes the lips and eyes, I will suggest not to highlight both at the same time. Either highlight lips or eyes. So that your make up look subtle. You can get both highlighted, but then it will look heavy. So what you feel appropriate as per your look go with that. Now the foundation, do not use full coverage foundations, as it makes your appearance look heavy. Try to conceal imperfections with right concealer and then apply little foundation over it.

Do not forget your eyebrows, as they frame your eyes and can entirely change your look. Do not go for artificial or colored brows, keep it simple and natural just with perfect shape. Avoid finishing white powder near eyes and brows because that gives an impression after picture click.

Now the hairs, do not go for tight hairstyles. Try to keep it simple and loose. Or else you will start having headaches and discomfort as the time will pass. Through the entire event, it will be difficult for you to carry those tight hairstyles. Also do not go for full loose hairs, because lately they also start irritating you. So go for light tied buns that look glamorous and feels light and comfortable.

Now last but not the least, set your make up with hydrating makeup spray. So that your makeup stays long.

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