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Want To Loose Weight Within One Week? Do These 4 Effective Things While Sleeping

Today every 3 out of 5 people are bothering with the problem of weight gain. If you are also trying to loose weight and exercising for it from months and still not getting the effective results then do follow these important tips.

1) Drink Green Tea before going to the bed in night

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Drinking green tea at night before sleeping helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. This let the weight loosing process to take place during the whole night.

2) Consume Chilies

Consuming chilies before sleeping or during the dinner effectively results in weight loose. According to a research taking chilies with dinner keep the weight losing process in a continuous motion.

3) Strictly avoid Sugar and Starch

Sugar and starch are the carbohydrates which discourages the process of exiting insulin from the body. Insulin is the main fat storage harmone of the body. Our body starts burning the fat if there will be less insulin. So avoid consuming sugar and starch during the night hours.

4) Take Full Sleep of 8 Hours

Improper sleep results in weight gain. Do some relaxation techniques before going to the bed like meditation, soothing music, taking bath with lukewarm water etc. This will surely help you in losing weight.

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