From Hiring Girlfriends To Eating Eggs Boiled In Urine, 5 Weirdest Trends Of China

From Corona to many types of secret weapons, China has troubled the world. Many such things happen in China, which are strange to the rest of the world. Today we are going to tell you some such things of China, which are done only in China. For the rest of the world, these things are considered very strange. People have shared many strange facts of China on the social media site Reddit. We are going to share with you the strangest facts about them…

Boiling Eggs In Urine

Facts about China

Eggs are eaten in almost every country in the world. You must also eat eggs by boiling them in water. But in China people boil eggs in the urine of boys and eat them. It is believed that this increases the strength of men. Eggs are kept immersed in urine for several hours and boiled.

Eating Dog Meat

In China, more dog and cat meat is eaten than chicken and mutton. In the Yulin Fest to be held here, people kill and eat about 15,000 dogs. Along with this, cat meat is also very much liked here. The people of China say that eating dog meat in summer gives relief.

Painful Army Training

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During army training in China, a pin is put in the collar of the soldiers. This is so that if he lowers his neck, the pin gets pricked and the soldier straightens his neck from the back.

Hiring Girlfriends

Facts about China

The number of girls in China is much less than that of boys. Because of this there is such a site on which girls are found for rent. Here for a week you can rent a girl for two thousand.

Sending Someone Else To Jail On Your Place

If you are rich in China, you can send someone else to jail in your place. Here the rich person imposes the punishment of a mistake on another person. With money, that person comes after serving the sentence of the rich.