What exactly defines a foodie? The one who eats a lot? Nah! Its actually someone who loves food and can try just about anything in the name of that love! If you’re not scared to try out new revolutionary foods that challenge your palate and tastebuds for good, then this yummilicious post is for you!

Brilliantly weird Food combinations that every Foodie must try!

Chinese Samosa


Samosa is staple punjabi snack! From birthday parties, To “Ladke wale Dekhne aa rahe hai” Samosas will always find a place on the table with chai! However, this intriguing Chinese twist to Samosa is well deserved in this list.

Green Chilli Ice cream


Sweet, Cold and creamy! Ice Cream is a food made for Gods! Its just delicious and we love to have ice creams in every season. This spiced up version of Ice cream with a spunk of Green chillis is bound to take you on a roller coaster ride of texture and taste. The sweetness in the mouth with the chilli cleansing your palate strikes a perfect balance!

Vodka Panipuri


Panipuri.. Yumm! We all love PaniPuri or Golgappe,  or Puchke..whatever the name may be, these little canopies are a delight to have! While panipuri itself is magnificent, some really smart ass person came up with Vodka Panipuri and It sounds just irresistible.

Shezwan Dosa


aiyo! Dosa isa very simple dish made of rice flour batter but even the simplest of foods can be transformed into a gourmet meal. A shezwan Dosa is a perfect example.

Chocolate Momos


Hot steamed momos in the cool of winters is happiness in small dumplings. While Momos is a sure treat for winters, Chocolate is what we can’t survive without. Combine the two life-supoorting foods and Voila! You gett he best of inventions!

Momo Burger


Another weird yet totally amazing combination. A nice Yummy Cheese Burger may sound too Firangi, no worries add a little east indian tadka and there you have, yummy Momo Burger! *Big Bites only*

Chinese bhel puri


Another indian all time favorite snack. Its light, crunchy, healthy and so Chatpaticious! 😛 add a little chinese flavour and you you have a chinese version of a Desi dish! (Contrary to indian version of chowmein)

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