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High Life 10 Fusion Dishes You Won't Believe Exist And They Will Make You...

10 Fusion Dishes You Won’t Believe Exist And They Will Make You Say WTF!

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Food, the only thing in the world that gives you immense satisfaction. Who doesn’t like food? Hardly anyone! But sometimes the food vendors or the food stall/shop/restaurant owners do something out of the box which is undigestible. Here are some of the weird food fusions that actually exist but really, really shouldn’t!

1) Just imagine you are eating a byte having both rice and pasta in it!

2) In case you have a bad stomach day!

3) Gujju collaborating with an Italian! It is horrible!

4) Don’t ever try this at home!

5) You should try this dish if you need a leave from your office.

6) Imagine, the Sushi Chaat!

7) Now I guess this menu is made to attract those who want to lose weight.

8) It seems this dish was invented when a girl from Hyderabad wedded a Punjabi.

9) Stop ruining Biryani!

10) Yahi Din Dekhna Baki Reh Gya Tha! Golgappe + Pizza

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