Laws have been made in this world not only for humans but also for animals. You must have seen that nowadays everyone is fond of having dogs. People go out for a walk in the morning and evening with their dog. Although some people are not able to do this due to lack of time, but a very strange law has been made in Australia regarding dogs.    

Dog’s morning walk is necessary:

Under this law made in Canberra, it has now been made mandatory to take a pet dog outside for a walk at least once a day. If anyone is caught violating this rule, then a heavy penalty of 4000 Australian dollars i.e. about one lakh 91 thousand rupees can be imposed on the person.

The government here implemented the Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill. In this bill, a provision has been made for strict rules regarding the welfare of animals. Under this, if the owner of the dog does not make proper arrangements for his food, shelter and drinking water, then he will be fined immediately.

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