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High Life These Bizarre Laws of Pakistan Perfectly Proves Why Whole World Makes Fun...

These Bizarre Laws of Pakistan Perfectly Proves Why Whole World Makes Fun Of This Country

Have you ever heard about a country where students pay tax for studies? If no then let us tell you that it happens in Pakistan. Not only there exist some bizarre laws that make you feel lucky if you are not living in this country. Here are its 10 weird laws that will creep you out:
Pakistani citizens can’t travel or visit Israel
Pakistan has banned visa for Israel. Due to this reason, no any Pakistani citizen can go to Israel from Pakistan straight. Want to know the reason? Actually, Pakistan doesn’t consider Israel a country, that’s why it don’t issues a visa for it.
Live-in relationship is illegal
According to the Pakistani laws, you can’t live with your girlfriend or boyfriend before marriage. No matter how much you love each other. A law was amended against live-in relationships in Hudood Ordinance in 1977. 
Tax on studies
If the study of a student costs more than two lakh rupees yearly then he or she has to pay the 5% tax.
Even an illiterate can become a Prime Minister
Here it is not compulsory to have a certain education qualification to become a PM or President. But for the job of a peon, it is necessary to be educated.
You can’t make fun of Prime Minister
Here if you caught making fun of Prime Minister you will be fined with a big amount of money.
It is illegal to eat outside during Ramzan, even for non-Muslims
In Pakistan, you can’t eat or order any outside side your home during the holy season of Ramzan. The law is equal for all the people hail from different religions.
Transgenders are banned from joining Army
Here transgenders are banned from joining Army. To let you remind, this country has the largest number of transgender people. 
Touching other’s phone is illegal too
Here touching someone else’ phone without their permission is illegal. For this, a person can send to the jail for 6 months.
Sending spam message is also illegal
Here you can’t send spam messages to anyone. If caught red-handed you will be fined with 10 Lakh rupees.
English translations of some of the Arabic or Urdu words is illegal
Here the English translation of some of the words like Allah, Rasool, Masjid or Nabi etc is illegal.

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