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High Life From Sim Card to Miss Call, People in This Rajasthani Village Have...

From Sim Card to Miss Call, People in This Rajasthani Village Have Bizarre Names

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India, the land of villages. Here are many villages which are famous for their bizarre reasons. Somewhere there are houses all having planes build on their roofs and somewhere there are plenty of twin children. But let us tell you that there is a village in Rajasthan which is famous due to the odd names of its people. 

Ramnagar village in Rajasthan’s Bundi district is famous for the strange name of its native people. Here the names are given to the people according to their status. The village is very famous on social media sites too. For example, if the people belong to an upper caste then their names will be Prime Minister, Collector, President etc.

His name is High Court

On the other hand, people belong to lower caste are named as Battery, Assistant etc. A man is having a name High Court who belongs to this village. On asking the reason, he said he was born when his grandfather got bailed. Therefore, he was named as High Court. Names of women are weirder, Namkeen, Jalebi and Mithayi, etc. Nearly 500 people of Kanjar community live in Ramnagar village, situated 10 km away from Bundi district. More than half of the population here is uneducated. People engage in illegal acts.


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