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Photos Belong to These Famous Bollywood Stars That They Never Want Their Fans to See, They Might Feel Ashamed

The filmmaking in the Bollywood has changed to an extent now. Often film stars have to play weird roles in the films according to the demand of the script. Today we will show you some throwback photos of the stars that these celebrities never want their fans to see!

1) In this photo, it seems Sunny Deol and Raveena Tandon posing with leg by putting on the other turn by turn. Of course, they don’t believe in gender inequality.

2) Ahan! Akshay Khanna is playing naughty with Karisma Kapoor in this photoshoot.

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3) Nobody wants to see Rishi Kapoor in these shorts ever again. Ewww!

4) And we wonder what Jackie Shroff and Urmila Mantodkar are up to?

5) Dear Rekha Ji, everything comes up with some limits, so as the makeup!

6) OMG! What is Shakti Kapoor doing?

7) Akshay Kumar goes beyond limits! Isn’t it so funny!

8) Ajay Devgn, please put your pants on!

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