High Life Family Was Living With A Dead Body From 12 Years Believing It...

Family Was Living With A Dead Body From 12 Years Believing It Is Alive

A family from Indonesia is living with a dead body of an old person of their family from 12 years. They treat the dead body as same as the living beings. They offer it food, clothes, give a shower and even offer it a cigarette. They talk and behaves with the dead body like it is alive. Actually, they are following a weird ritual of a funeral from past 12 years.
One of the family members, Mamak Lisa, when use to host guests at her home, says about his father that he is not well. Means she introduces her father as an ill person to the other people. She then comes near to the dead body, kept in the coffin from years, and says, “guests are asking for you, I hope this won’t bother you”.
This is not the only family who is doing that, it is a ritual followed by people of Toraja Community in Sulawesi island, South Indonesia. They honour their dead relatives by doing so. Here the funeral of the dead is a big venture. They sacrifice animals and throw a big bash party to other people. This function lasts for many days.
As long as they don’t get able to gather money for this big event, they keep the body of their dead relatives with themselves. During that, they inject a chemical called formalin in the dead body to avoid decomposition.
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