Snake Massage
Snake Massage

Not everyone will dare to visit this unusual spa where reptiles work in the institution. However, there are some who love trying out weird things. Yes, we are talking about one of the weirdest massages that not everyone might be aware of. But let us inform you that since 2011, in the north of Israel, tourists have been offered just such a pleasant and “scary” procedure. For massage, these parlors use non-venomous royal snakes native to California and Florida, as well as spotted and milky reptiles. The main condition for a person to get on such a massage table is the need to lull his fear, disgust, and generally unhealthy feelings towards reptiles.

This treatment was first invented by Ada Barak, owner of the local Predatory Plant Farm and spa resort that welcomes tourists. This place has become the main attraction of the Talmey Elazar village in northern Israel. The physical contact with reptiles gives visitors an unknown sensation. According to the owner, it’s a practice where snakes slither on the body and has the ability to relieve stress. So there is practically nothing new in the idea. But even today, many people are unaware of it.

The type of massage depends on the length of the snakes. The larger ones (for example, the king snake and the spotted climbing snake) relieve pain in the back muscles …. And smaller reptiles induce a general relaxation effect and create a pleasant vibration.

In the beginning, shock therapy is given. When the masseur puts several snakes on the client’s stomach at once, the desire to scream and run away becomes almost irresistible. However, it was soon replaced by new sensations.5–6 snakes, feeling not too comfortable on the human body, each crawl in its own direction. Dr. Nava Besher, who conducts reptile therapy sessions, claims that the snake is considered a symbol of medicine for a reason. All those who experienced this massage claim that the touch of snakes promotes complete relaxation.

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