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High Life Weird World Championships Around The World You Can Participate in

Weird World Championships Around The World You Can Participate in

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The World Sports Championships allow people from all around the world to show their skills and expertise at various sporting events every year. But the people who are indifferent and have unique qualities win the crown. However, for those who have no interest in sports and even then wish to participate in such kind of championships, let me tell you here is a good opportunity for you. These weird world championships will give you the chance to take part in some different kind of sports that demands no great physical work.

1) The Snuff World Championship

Well if it sounds bizarre to you, let me tell you yes it is somehow! This contest involves the activity of snuffing smokeless tobacco. All you have to do is to snuff up to five grams of tobacco into your nostril within a minute. The winner of the championship is the person who not only sniffs the most tobacco but also has the cleanest work station.

2) Hide and Seek World Championship

I know I know it was one of your favorite game during the childhood days. Isn’t it! For all those people who loved to play Hide and Seek in their childhood here is a chance for you to win the game. Yes, every year an abandoned Italian village, named  Consonno, situated in the foothills of the Alps mountains organizes Hide and Seek World Championship.

3) Musical Chairs World Championship

This is the perfect competition for the music lovers who have a little bit interest in sports. For this championship a person who is 18 years old and above is eligible. All you have to do is to grab a chair but not with your hands but you must plop down onto it or else risk being disqualified.

4) Air Sex World Championship

Umm! if you are thinking it’s about doing sex in the air then you are wrong! Aspirants need only turn up at the venue, preferably dressed in costume. They should also come with a couple of sexy songs at their disposal and the determination to act out the most outrageous sex scenes they can think of at the particular time. This bizarre championship is hosted in New York City by the comedian Chris Trew.

5) World Nose Championship

In this championship, the winner is the person with the largest nose when the length and the width are added together. This competition has very strict rules only those whose noses are at least 4cms wide and 6 cms long (5 cms long for women) will participate in the competition.

6) World Egg Throwing Championship

Now, this is something entertaining! Each year, contestants across the globe reach at Swanton to participate in this championship.

7) World Toe Wrestling Championship

As the name suggests this is a competition including wrestling between the toes. This championship is quite popular among the people.


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