High Life Humour Weirdest Ever Mobile Apps That Were Built To Be Pointless

Weirdest Ever Mobile Apps That Were Built To Be Pointless

With the fast growing market of smartphones literally all over the world there are about hundred millions of Mobile Applications that you can download in your Android or Iphone. where there are many useful and brilliant Apps that actually contribute to the gobal tech world and in our daily lives to make it easier there are also some really weird and stupid apps that were just built to be pointless. Pointless but hilarious!

1. Drunk Dial No!


Most of us have made the mistake on maybe one or a numerous number of occasions, of drunk calling your ex or the crush who is never interested in you. But come next morning and we drift into sobbing for that silly call we made out of drinking too much. The maker of this App came to our rescue by creating this app that hides the selected numbers from your contact list for 48 hours so that you never call them late at night after a drink or two too much.

2. Bowel Mover…?


Mornings visits to the Loo seem irritating? Probably because of that nast blockage in your pipes! Thanks to this ‘wonderful’ app you can now track your Bowel movements through your digestion and consumptions habits to clean out your system. Find out what suits you best to get those Bowel Movements going!

3. Paper Racing


Now car racing, bike racing, plane, truck or any vehicle oriented racing games have become old school. So the maker of this app thought why not make something out of our daily lives? Yes! Toilet Paper Racing! Most kids won’t be allowed to do this in real rolling out the whole roll of Toilet Paper, hence the App!

4. Annoy-A-Teen


Now you must be wondering why this app? Or what it does to annoy a teen? Well for those times when teens act like irrational stupid animals, whether its your younger brother or sister or even your kids, blast off some really high frequencied sounds from this App to drive them nuts.

5. Pimple Popper


Did you too have pimples ruling over your face in your teens?(just like mine!) Then guess what this is the kind of game you’ll love to play. Just go through each out of 8 eight faces with Blackheads, whiteheads and even full raging Zits, to pop them and treat them with specialised techniques. Don’t Stop till your Pop ’em all!

6. Places I’ve Pooped


Now not quite sure what went through the maker’s mind but whatever it was he/she surely took it seriously while pooping! This app lets you trace and mark all the places that you’ve pooped at. So that you can later mark your territory around the whole world through Poop!

7. Fake Call


If you’re the loner kind who would just love to recieve a call even if its from an App, then this app is freely available for you on play stores. This app also serves another purpose of getting out of a sticky situation just by recieving a fake call. If you were say in a meeting and dozing off hit the fake call button ¬†to recieve a fake call and sneak out to trip on an energy drink!

8. I am Rich


This app was initially launched for a $1000 bucks called as the ‘I Am Rich’ which just displayed a big red Gem on your phone(not even as a wallpaper) to let people around you know that you were rich or Crazy. Guess what there were 8 real people who actually bought the app before Apple pulled it down. You can still get the App ¬†without even being rich in real as its available for free now on google Play store.

9. Lick the Icicle


Quite Odd, this app is all about licking your phone’s screen to melt the icicle but maybe or maybe not the developer does not really mean you to lick the screen in order to melt the icicle you need only touch that as per suggestions, your tongue might freeze if you lick the iciclr for too long.

10. Beer FREE


A Bizarre app indeed especially when you can go out and have an actual beer also why would anyone want to just pretend to have a beer? Anyways, the apps shoes beer on the screen and you just need to tilt your phone to chug it down and empty it. You also get a complimentary Burp at the end! Sweet!

These were the best of worse, weird and pointless apps that we picked. But hey! if any of these apps brought a smile on anybody’s face then they might not as well be pointless ha? ;)

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