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Weirdest Jobs In The World

Weirdest Jobs In The World


Everybody want to do a job and earn money in his/her life. But have you ever wondered that how many types of jobs are there in the world and what one have to do in it? Here is the list of some weirdest jobs in the world :

1. Professional Pusher

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Citizens of Japan are very hardworking, they need to arrive at work on time. So in the morning when Metro Trains are full, it is the job of some people who need to push them inside the Metro.

2. Rental Boyfriend

weirdest jobs

Yeah, you read correct. In Tokyo, girl can hire a boyfriend on rent.

3. Sleeping Job

weird jobs of the world

It shocking but its true. Scientists pay to the people who sleep for them as they need to research on diseases caused due to sleep.

4. Deodorant Tester

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Weird but true. People hired as deodorant tester need to smell the underarms of people and check whether the deodorant is working correctly or not.

5. Nestling Job

weirdest jobs of the world

If you are missing your girlfriend, no problem. You can take help of these girls who nestles and make you feel comfortable. But you can’t do anything else except nestling and you can get them in Japan only.

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