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World Meet The Werewolf Family of a Mother and Her 3 Children Living...

Meet The Werewolf Family of a Mother and Her 3 Children Living in a Remote Village of Nepal

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The world is a very strange place. We often hear about things on Tv, Internet and newspaper that sometimes spellbound us. Today, we are telling you about something similar to that, that will surprise you to the core. A Werewolf family! Yes, you read it right there exist a werewolf family in real in Nepal. Like any other Wolverine movie characters, the members of this family too, look the same.

Devi Budhathoki and her three children Manjura, 14, Niraj, 12, and Mandira, aged 7 are the people we are talking about. But they are not actually the werewolves, in fact, they all are suffering from a ‘werewolf syndrome’, it is a rare condition which causes excessive hair growth. 38 years old Devi and her all 3 children were born with Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa, and as a result have thick, black hair covering their foreheads and other parts of their body where it does not normally grow.

The family wants to lead a normal life as same as normal people. So in the hope of relief, the Budhathoki family travelled from their remote village to Dolkha District in north Nepal to undergo laser treatment. Devi and her two oldest children all went through the non-invasive procedure to their faces in an attempt to lessen the symptoms and, in the case of the two children, make their social lives a little bit easier as they enter their teens.

Before undergoing the treatment, Ms Budhathoki said:

‘More than myself, I’m worried about my children. They are mocked by their classmates. My children have talked about the new life ever since we received the word that the hospital is going to treat us. My son has told his friends that he will be back with a new face and they can no longer tease him.’

Here are the photos of the family Before and After treatment:

12 years old Niraj

14 years old Manjura

38 years old Devi

7 years old Mandira with her friend

Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa is a rare syndrome which causes an abnormal amount of hair growth on the body. This is of two types – generalised and localised. In generalised, the hair growth occurs over the entire body whereas in localised the hair growth is restricted to one area. It could be genetic. Sadly, there is no any source to cure them by roots. But it can be reduced through hair removal. Treatment may have adverse effects, however, causing scarring, dermatitis, or hypersensitivity.

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