Bangal man dies after police beat him
Bangal man dies after police beat him

It’s the third day of lockdown in the nation India. Meanwhile, we are watching many reports of police stopping and beating people on roads and streets.

Amidst this, a 32-year-old man ‘Lal Swami’ of Bengal is reported dead after being beaten by the police. The news is approved by India Today. The man was from Howrah and gone out to buy milk when the police trashed him.

His wife claimed that Lal faced a lathi charge when police were clearing the crowd from the streets. After being beaten, Lal rushed to the hospital but doctors declared him dead.

We all know that everything is fine when it’s in LIMIT. We also understand that some people are not cooperating and they needed to be understood. But we don’t know wtf is wrong with the authorities and police when it comes to the safety of people. Killing someone is a crime, no matter while you are an individual or police. People are allowed to go out for essential services and without knowing the truth before trashing police is doing wrong.

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