Chilaxx What do the foreigners think about visiting India ???

What do the foreigners think about visiting India ???

No, it isn’t. India is not the safest destination for women. It can be dangerous on any carelessness. But taking the necessary cautions, there’s no big deal for women travelling in India.

You can’t be naïve in India. Travel there requires some cautions, to comprehend how to behave and how to dress according to local culture.

As I had explained on a previous post In India, the fellas go crazy with foreign girls, Indian women don’t join the same liberties women do in Western societies. And drink alcohol and smoke in public are big taboos in the country, especially for women.

The white skin in India draws a lot of attention for being considered a high standard of beauty, which explains why many local men stare at foreign women.

It’s primordial to comprehend that Indian society has been changing a lot and too fast with the intense modernization going on since the 1990s.

Such changes on Indian society brought improvements in the standards of living for some social segments, while they have also boosted social tensions as a huge amount of men migrate to the cities without instruction, job and any perspective to find a wife.

Such tensions also boost the increasing of alcohol consumption, higher demand for pornography and prostitution in Indian big cities.

The label of fair skin as exotic beauty standard (including Bollywood), in addition to pornography, feed the idea of foreigner women as “easy”. Then, many Indian guys will treat you in a way they would never do with an Indian woman.

Just to have a clue about my experience as man living in India, I had just met a few Indian women. And no longer could think about visit their homes, it would be enough to have troubles with their families.

You don’t see too many women out at night at bars and clubs. If you see 20 or 30 women at a party, it’s already a lot for local standards and half of them are usually foreigners. For many Indians, a woman at night outside is treated as a prostitute.

Taking care on who you trust in already decreases in 50% the chances to fall into traps. The same on observing and not provoking local customs.

Article As per the personal views of André who is a Brazil based blogger.

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